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Business Solutions

What is the process used to provide a Business Solution?

If your company has identified a process that creates a slow down in the daily performance of the office environment, DocuMagic Inc. will provide a complete business solution to rectify the problem.

From performing the needs assessment, to developing the solution, and through to providing the documentation and training, DocuMagic Inc. can help you to optimize your usiness environment saving your company both time and money.

What are some examples of Business Solutions?

In addition to providing automation for single documents, DocuMagic Inc. can also provide complete customized business solutions.

Using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications, customized solutions have been developed to assist our clients in streamlining and achieving their documentation goals as easily as possible.

How to decide which application is the right one to use.

DocuMagic Inc. will help you to determine the best applications to use for each portion of a project, and then bring them together to provide the optimal end result.

Each Microsoft Office application has it's own dedicated function that it performs better than any of the other applications. To illustrate just a few of these functions:

Although each application has some capabilities that the others specialize in, for quality performance and results, the specialized application should be used for the task. For example, although you can maintain a data source in a Word table, to have more flexibility and scalability, the data should be maintained in Access, Excel, or Outlook, depending on the type of data and what needs to be done with it.

By harnessing the power of each application, and then using Visual Basic for Applications to draw the data from each source and integrate them into a single output location, you get the optimal environment for data storage, manipulation, format, output, and flexibility.


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