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Document Automation

What is Document Automation?

Document automation is the process of determining what common decisions you have to make when creating a document, what types of data you want to include in it, and then having the document created for you automatically.

Benefits of Document Automation

Increase Productivity

Once a document has been automated, anyone can create similar documents in a fraction of the time that it used to take. Tasks that used to take hours, will now only take minutes.

Reduce Errors

Errors in your documents make you appear unprofessional. When using automated documents, you reduce the risk of errors such as forgetting to delete a previous company name from a proposal, or missing some pertinent information that should have been included.

Maintain Document Consistency

Automating your documents allows you to standardize both the look and content of your materials to develop a consistent image.

Reduce Employee Training Costs

Training new employees can be both time consuming and costly for companies. Since automated documents are easy to use, teaching employees to use the automated features is much less time consuming and more cost effective than guiding them through the old manual methods.

Simplify Document Creation

Automated documents can include a dialogue box that prompts you for the pertinent information for the document type that you are creating. Data can be pulled from external databases, or even from your Outlook contacts or other documents that you have created previously. Creating your complex report can now be as simple as answering a few questions.

Easy Access to Data Sources

If you have data stored in Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, or any other database format, it can be made easily accessible to your automated documents. You do not have to go look up your external information and copy it. Simply allow your document to look it up and include it for you automatically.

Outsource to DocuMagic Inc. and Spend Your Time Focusing on What You Do Best

Use your time more efficiently and effectively by doing the job you do best, and not wasting valuable man hours with time consuming document creation.

How to decide when to Automate a Document

If you find yourself performing the same formatting or actions repeatedly such as:

Form Design—Stop filling in paper forms!

Use electronic forms instead and you will save time and money. You will be able to work with forms more efficiently than you ever thought possible! Whether you have a small business with a small staff or a large company with hundreds of employees, electronic forms will help you to manage your data more effectively.

You can send forms to your clients electronically, and allow them to fill in the details. When you receive the completed form back, the data can be extracted into a database which can be used as the basis for mailouts or merge letters, data analysis, or any other need that you may have.

DocuMagic Inc. works with and develops forms in the following platforms:


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