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Why DocuMagic?

The Why

Sucess with your Data
DocuMagic takes the often complicated world of data and presents it in a fashion that increases efficiency and reduces unnecessary man hours. We are Your Data Management Partners

DocuMagic Inc. has been providing document solutions to customers throughout Canada and the United States since 1996. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, DocuMagic Inc. has grown to be one of Western Canada's most reliable companies in the document services sector.


Companies have a lot of data accumulated. Data is stored in multiple platforms and systems.

Even with existence of internal IT departments, communicating data requirements from the business can prove to be challenging.


DocuMagic Inc. specializes in pulling that data together from various platforms into concise, comprehensive reports.

Whether the data is in an existing system or if a storage system needs to be built, we provide solutions for you to access your data.

Whether we are providing solutions independently or in conjunction with internal IT or external developers, DocuMagic Inc. specializes in bridging the communication gap that normally exists between business and technology.

Increase Productivity

DocuMagic Inc. offers a number of services that assist companies and individuals with increased productivity and organization.

Relax with the knowledge you are in good hands

DocuMagic's customer service record is unparalleled in the industry. Our highly qualified staff strive to ensure that your goals are not only met but exceeded.

Save Time and Money

DocuMagic Inc. provides cost effective solutions to all the time consuming challenges many firms face when working with documents. Whether you are looking to move from hardcopy form to electronic versions, create an efficient database, or pull together your existing data into clear and concise reports, the experienced staff at DocuMagic Inc. will offer you the best solution saving you both time and money.


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